Casting Call

Casting Call


Thank you for your interest in the Rubber Ducky Casting Call! Below is some information about the available roles.

(Note: We’re first looking to find actors located in the Alaska/Anchorage, AK area, but we’re also taking submissions from anywhere in the US.)

Shooting Location: Anchorage, AK.
Pay: Volunteer Only
Food/Lodging: Provided

Lead Roles:

BOY [AGE: 6-10]

The Boy has seen it all, and is surviving alone in the alley streets. He’s grown to depend on himself and provide for himself. But what a kid really needs and wants is to have someone else to trust.

MAN [AGE: 25-35]

The Man leads a pretty normal life. He has a wife, a house, a car. He gets up in the morning, puts on a tie, and goes to work. The same every day.

WOMAN [AGE: 25-35]

The man’s wife is used to their regular routine, normal schedule and lives. Change isn’t what she had in mind.


MAN [AGE: 20-30], WOMAN [AGE: 20-30]

A couple in a bad situation. They argue and fight, ignoring even their own son.


A FATHER and SON skipping rocks. A MAN eating a meal. POLICE OFFICER searching records. Random PASSERSBY.


Cast Submission Form:

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